Local Attractions

There are many things to do in the Peak District while staying at our caravan park and here are some of the attractions and places you can visit.

Where to Visit in Bradwell

Bradwell is a quaint little village that after initially being a home for the Romans was built again in the eighteenth century after the boom of lead mining.

Despite being a lot smaller than nearby Peak District towns, there are still plenty of things to do.

Bagshawe Cavern

Bagshawe cavern

Known as the Crystallised Cavern, Bagshawe is a natural cave system popular with cavers and potholers. Bagshawe Cavern was discovered accidentally by iron miners in 1806 and is named after Sir William Bagshawe, on whose land it was discovered. It is said that Lady Bagshawe gave the system such names as The Grotto of Paradise, The Dream Cave, The Dungeon and The Kitchen of Fairies.

However admittance is by appointment only and you will have to call 01433 620540 in advance to book.

Grey Ditch

Grey Ditch

If you are a history fan, it is well worth checking out this ancient site.

Grey Ditch is a defensive wall stretching between Mam Tor and Shatton Edge that was believed to be built in the 5th or 6th century and had once been 8ft high and half a mile long.

One reason historians believe it was built for a battle where King Edwin was captured and later hung on an Eden Tree which stood until recently.

Bradwell’s Ice Cream

Bradwell's Ice Cream

Yes, the famous ice cream brand originated in this village and the first shop, which has been open for over a hundred years, is just a short walk away.

However be warned as the shop is not open for long, usually 2pm-5pm on select days. Check their Facebook page for more details.

Where to Eat and Drink in Bradwell

There are many places to dine out or have a pint in Bradwell, so you’ll never go hungry while staying here.

Samuel Fox County Inn

Samuel Fox Inn

Just a few steps outside the park is the most upmarket place to eat in Bradwell which is named after the famous industrialist. Main courses tend to priced from £13-£18.

Ye Olde Bowling Green Inn

Ye Olde Bowling Green

A short walk away from the site, this pub hails all the way back to the 1500s and offers a more traditional fare. Sky Sports is also available to watch. Main courses tend to be priced from £7-£14.

Shoulder of Mutton

Shoulder of Mutton

If you keep walking on the High Street, you will get to this pub, where dogs are welcome and you can also watch Sky Sports. Main courses tend to be priced from £6-£13.